Yes, it’s an ambitious time to embark on vanquishing the (not-so-)sweet spirit from my diet. December in my casa means family, food, food, family and more food. I’m not just talking about your traditional English treats, no no no no no. We’ve got everything from my favourite, glazed veg to fruity West Indian black cake, my other favourite. All serious sugar offenders, might I add. Come dinnertime on Christmas day , our table looks like a spread from a special episode of Man  Vs. Food. Seeing off just a plate of the offerings is a challenge. But that’s exactly why I’m stopping now…

For the challenge!

If, I can control my cravings, I’ll have confidence in starting the new year upbeat and in control and it won’t be because I’m hyped up on sugar.

Armed, with the Women’s Health guide to ‘Shrink Your Sugar Belly’- £7.99 from WHSmith– and a little trepidation (naturally), I am looking forward to my new lifestyle and tomorrow’s breakfast: Mediterranean-style scrambled eggs.

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Copenhagen, I expected to like you…but I was not prepared for Love.



Your food was delicious, your people were welcoming and your public transport was a dream.


Yes, in some places, your roads are straight and your buildings uniform…but the wonders they hold are really,








Thank you Copenhagen, and X





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