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Image– The Saatchi Gallery, 5th January 2014, LDN –

The Saatchi Gallery stands just off the ever-so glorious Duke of York Square, home to my favourites COS, ZARA and Whistles alongside a sparkly new Comptoir Libanais. Nearest tube: Sloane Square.

I’ve found that as a general rule when I visit galleries or museums, I’m more drawn to the building rather than its contents: case in point the V&A. Howwwever, when I visited the Saatchi, I was overcome by a wave of self-conciousness and thought I should at least try and  perhaps maybe, you know, consider the paintings so as not to give the outward appearance of someone who had completely missed the mark by only appreciating the exposed ventilation and brushed wood floors…

Try I did and amongst the straight-up weird perplexing artwork, I found a few pieces which I genuinely, for want of a less pretentious word, connected with. Crush – pictured below- in particular, called out to my then pretty much permanent despairing mood and the brave-faced-but-really-heart-broken-90’s-teen-movie-Rachel-Leigh-Cook in me attached herself to the emaciated female figure covered in the scalding wax of unrequited love, crushed by the weight of her emotions and…The End. You get the picture and I’m getting carried away. The plebeian level on which I relate to this piece is probably the furthest thing from the intended message. Nevertheless, what I like about the Saatchi is that there are no explanations for the paintings, nothing stating the history or what’s what and who’s who, just: artist, title, date, materials, size. Other than that, interpretation is left to the individual.

– Andra Ursuta, Crush (2011)-

Basically, what I’m trying to express through this incredibly long-winded post, is that the Saatchi is worth a visit-I’ve heard catharsis is good for your sinuses. Though, should you find that you just aren’t up for remembering that painful crush or old ladies-cum-pin-cushions aren’t your thing, the King’s Road lies not far away and despite what you might hear, you don’t need top $$ to enjoy it.

‘Have you ever seen Sick, Sad World?’ is the category for all things popular and cultural: art, television, film, music, pretty much anything else I decide fits. I hope you’ve enjoyed my first foray into the wonderful world of the arts.


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