Food For A Treat

The rosewood

– Rosewood Hotel, 2nd February 2014, LDN –

At the start of this month I found myself travelling through London on my way back to Cambridge after spending a lovely weekend at home in leafy Bucks. In a last-ditch attempt to rid myself of the uni blues I thought I would re-live a cherished memory of my A-level experience: studying people hard…very very hard in the lounge of the Chancery Court Hotel in High Holborn (nearest tube: Holborn). Exactly as I remembered, the staff were helpful and welcoming, the waitor presented me with the menu which I, enjoying the pretence, cooly accepted and nonchalantly flipped open, this is when the cool turned into a cold-sweat. The new prices were no match for my student’s budget, just as well I wasn’t particularly hungry because it was to be a starter for me.

I went for a goat’s cheese and beetroot salad (pictured above). Thankfully, it was INCREDIBLE and actually filling…then again, this positive reaction could have been a subconscious attempt to justify the gross miscalculation which left me spending £13 on a drink and some cheesy leaves…However, aside from the mini heart-attack I suffered when confronted by the reality that the rather accommodating prices of yesteryear’s lounge had essentially doubled since its transformation into the tastefully luxe Rosewood London, the food and service helped to ease the shock. I also made sure to snag a free (ha) apple before I left.

The apple did not disappoint. It was a GOOD apple.

So, here go the details:

Contemporary menu of refined cuisine, serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner

Dress Code-
Smart casual

252 High Holborn, London, WC1V 7EN

Although I didn’t anticipate spending quite so much, the experience was more than worth it. Sometimes we have to treat ourselves.


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