Food For A Sunday

-For students (or anyone else) seeking an alternative to baked beans and hash browns without being racked by the guilt of extravagance.

-Hot Numbers Café, 23rd February 2014, CBG-

At 2.08AM 23rd Febuary 2014, the usual Brunch plans fell through and perhaps this was a blessing in disguise because by 2.18AM my partner in crime good friend and I had decided it was a perfect opportunity to “push the boat out”/tick another of Cambridge’s hidden culinary gems off our list.

1PM, I was sat in Hot Numbers café cambridge behind this:

– Tomato, aubergine, rocket & humous panini, £5.80-


This wasn’t the only option that caught my eye. ‘Tense’ is the only word to describe the atmosphere as I approached the till since Hot Numbers offers a variety of yummy breakfast/lunch/brunch choices at a decent price:

* Ethically sourced coffee and other drinks- £2- £3.30
*Cakes and buns-
* Soup of the day with sourdough bread- £4.50
* Smoked-salmon and Cream cheese bagel-£4.60
* Toasted Panini- £4.80
*Breakfast choices (bacon, porridge, granola) up to £4.00

-More of what’s on offer-

I’ve heard that the average hearty college brunch might set you back about £2 or more and if you tend to go for the less conventional yoghurt and muesli options (as I do), it can be upwards of this. Not saying this isn’t reasonable as far as filling breakfasts go but it gets pretty mundane.

For £2/£3 extra you can enjoy a well prepared but most importantly interesting meal in the comfort of this little spot off Mill Rd. Of course, this extra spend doesn’t have to be a weekly thing but if you feel like switching it up one Sunday morning and escaping from the monotony of hall, I would definitely advise you to jump in that boat of dreams and set sail for Hot Numbers.

I know I’d do it again.

In other news, it’s 5.05PM and despite the essay staring me in the face, I’m feeling pretty confident and looking forward to a Spanish fiesta at Tito Kiko Tapas Bar (Regent Street, Cambridge), followed by a crazy C.R.E.E.M night out at Fez…maybe.

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