Food For Friendship


-Tallinn, 10th December 2013, EST-

Last year upon my arrival in Cambridge, I met an Estonian girl with shocking red hair and a big personality, now that crazy kid is my flat mate and one of my most dearest friends. Turns out we both adore food. It’s pretty much all we talk about. Over the 17 months of our friendship she has introduced me to some of the best things I have ever tasted. Just this vacation gone I stayed with her in Estonia and I’ll admit we planned our days around where we would be eating. Although, I have to say the best food was at home- crudités and vegetable soup, what?

Anyhow, the day I arrived back in England I headed straight for the local European food shop in search of all the foods I had left behind- I bought alternatives to anything I couldn’t find in the regular supermarkets:


It might not be the first thing that springs to mind but Estonian cuisine and indeed that of the surrounding countries is very varied and if you were to try it, I’m sure you would be very pleasantly surprised, you may even find yourself fighting off cravings for verivorst (like black pudding) and sült (meat jelly terrine). However, my personal and easily purchasable Eesti inspired recommendations to add to your diet are:

Gherkins (pickled cucumbers)- Little shrivelled offerings from the gardens of wonder in large jars.

Rye Bread– A tougher but healthier and arguably more filling alternative to your standard white loaf.

Estonian Potato Salad– Potato, gherkin, green peas, cucumber, sour cream and mayo, perfect with rye bread. Go light for a guilt-free option (though my friend would no doubt strongly oppose).

CURD SNACKS– Slightly less slimmer friendly but a perfect treat. We had these for breakfast in Estonia and without them my mornings felt empty…that was until we happened across some last weekend!!!


-Latvian Curd Snacks, International Food Store, 25th February 2014, CBG-

Curd snacks are the future. I know ‘curd’ doesn’t inspire the greatest confidence but I assure you, they are the bomb diggity as told by Bring It On Again:

  • 00:29:13 Monica, if you want to be the bomb diggity,
  • 00:29:17 you have got to act like the bomb diggity,
  • 00:29:19 and Tina Curd is the bomb diggity!
  • 00:29:23 Did she just say, “bomb diggity” three times?
  • 00:29:36 [ Crowd Cheering ]


N.B. For international foods in Cambridge, go to Mill Road:

Mill road


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