Food For Simplicity


-Nord.Scandinavian Design Shop, 25th February 2014, CBG-

Nord is essentially a lifestyle store which presents its consumables with characteristic Scandinavian simplicity alongside an equally simple café. I suppose it’s for this reason that I’ve heard it described amongst the student population as ‘cold’ and a ‘mummy’s space’. From the outside the glass front, white walls and minimalist décor might deter the more self-conscious customers but once inside, the atmosphere is homely and inviting and I would have refuted the second claim with as much conviction had these lunching ladies not rolled in:

Nord (3)

But this just proves that Nord caters for a wide audience (see studying students and brooding bachelor on the right), helped by the menu which has a lot to offer by way of light meals and hot/cold beverages:

Nord (2)

After much deliberation, I went for a white tea with pomegranate and a slice of orange and poppyseed cake which I thought possibly could have been cheaper. Unfortunately for you, not even considering for a second the implications of my actions, I set to my choice like a ‘jailer from Shark Island’ the moment it was set on the bracketed wooden worktop-style table and by the time I realised the error of my ganit ways, I was left with only crumbled remains and no picture. Here is a picture of what my friend ordered instead:

Nord (4)

-Salad with Salmon on Rye, £5.50-


I don’t eat fish but she assured me it was delicious and if she says it was delicious, it must have been. She doesn’t joke about food. Especially of the Sandanavian variety.

Of the general experience I would say:
Pros- Free wifi, extensive tea and treat selection, friendly service, nice atmosphere/surroundings (large windows for people watching).
Cons- Lack of power sockets and seating, counter display is a little scarce, pricey

Nord café would make for an ideal ‘library break’ but it’s no study haven with tea and coffee on tap.

Getting there:
5-7 Sussex Street, Cambridge 

Mon-Sat: 10:00am-5:00pm
Sun: 11:00am-5:00pm

***Sadly, I can’t take credit for all the wit and pun in this post so here’s a bibliography/glossary of sorts to pay tribute where tribute is due and to explain some of the niche vocabulary:

* Like a jailer from Shark Island Like one who has not eaten for days. A family favourite popularised by my Grandmother, a woman of many interesting sayings. Often used to criticise a daughter who appreciates good food.
*Ganit A lickrish individual
* Lickrish Dyamn greedy, of West-Indian origin
*Scandalicious Title of a recipe book in Nord which I have adopted as an adjective to describe pretty much anything and everything. E.g.

1) Oh, he was scandalicious

2) a- Someone ate my rye bread! b- How scandalicious


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