Food For (On/From) The Table

This is The Table:

-The Table, 1st March 2014, CBG-

I guess this is also The Table:

Here are some more tables:

Many tables.

I happened across The Table (85, Regent Street) on a late night stroll a few weeks ago when it was unfortunately shut but I made it my mission to return and return I did.

This afternoon, I left the flat with two objectives: buying more curd snacks and heading to the Table for lunch and work; I achieved the first and most of the second. I did find a café and I did get some work done but I sacrificed a meal of goat’s cheese and sundried tomatoes in favour of my ailing student’s pocket. I opted instead for a hot chocolate and whilst it was delicious, it was smaller than I anticipated for what it cost:

-Hot Chocolate at The Table, £2.70-

That being said, it wasn’t your average beverage, The Table serve four varieties of global hot chocolates which span the cocoa spectrum from Ivory Coast white to Ecuadorian extra-dark. Not quite brave enough to chance the extra-dark, I went for a slightly less intense Venezuelan dark. In addition to these warming chocolaty delights, cakes and muesli and soups and full meals are also on offer.

Goat’s cheese seems to be the new favourite in cafés and I’m not complaining. Go home Mozzarella, you’re drunk.

Still, the dream would be to find a decent lunch spot in Cambridge (other than Smiley’s) with sandwiches and salads under £4.50.

As for the general feel, the space is bright and inviting, if you like the company of overly friendly strangers then you can set up shop on the massive communal bench at the front of the store, complete with a view of Regent Street. However, should you prefer a quieter environment then there are individual benches in the back with enough room to spread out and focus without much distraction.

So, if you are prepared to pay within the range of £5-£10 for a few hours stay-the food smelt incredible- then The Table is well worth the visit. The owners are really relaxed/helpful which is always a plus!

Find out more here:

Wed-Sun: 11.00am-9.30pm
Twitter: @tablecambridge
Facebook: TheTableCambridge

-Curd Snacks For/On/At (not from) The Table-

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