Le Beau bijou

Newly, arrived in the wonderful world of Etsy jewellery, I thought I’d share the love and extend you an invitation as well: www.etsy.com. You can find almost anything (not just jewellery) on this site and at amazing prices!

But the true hero of this story and reason behind this post is Hannah Ward from BeauHannah:
www.etsy.com/shop/BeauHannah. If I could have justified it, and believe me I tried, I would have bought even more pieces from her store:

-BeauHannah on Etsy-

-18 inch gold branch necklace with silver initial disk, £13.09 postage.inc, BeauHannah, Etsy-

After a mysterious mix up on the part of the postal service, my dainty two-tone branch necklace finally arrived in one piece, accompanied by a beautiful bracelet as a gift since the necklace couldn’t be completed exactly as I had asked (though I’d say the changes made it even better)!

-No, thank you-

Note: Orders from international sellers on Etsy can take up to 3 weeks and be prepared for postal delays on top of that.


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