Mid-day Munchies- A is for Apple

The mid-day munchies are no joke and I’m sure many of you either deal, have dealt or, if you genuinely haven’t yet, will deal with the burning desire to eat which grips your soul and makes your tummy talk at that awkward time around 3pm when lunch seems so long ago but you know dinner is not far off. The mid-morning munchies are a similar phenomenon which occur around 10:50 am between breakfast and lunch. Most distressing however, are the mega munchies AKA. The I-just-want-to-eat-and-never-stop-ever munchies which are rarely amusing. Particularly when they strike on the one day you need to fit into and actually look good in that one mega tight dress that would give cling-film a run for its money.

So, for these occasions when all you can focus on is filling yourself with tasty treats and cucumber doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, I will be compiling a list, in alphabetical order, of yummy alternatives and guilt-free methods to silence the voices telling you to demolish that white chocolate and raspberry cookie…and its friend double chocolate chip. Without firther ado, here is my first solution (or compromise) from my friends (I wish) at Tyrrells. Behold, PROUDLY PLAIN APPLE CRISPS (tranches de pomme frites, APFELCHIPS, chips de manzana):

– T is for Tyrrells and Thank you –

Just £1.10 for 30g (148 calories) worth of thinly-sliced-lightly-cooked-vegan-friendly apple snackage and satisfaction from Sainsbury’s, not regretting a thing. Again, no picture because I ate them all…besides you know what an apple looks like…

-To prove just how good they are, here is the empty packet, no crisps. None.-

P.S. The magazine is SUITCASE, travel+fashion, first time buy and it’s a good read!

  1. The hairdresser said:

    Good but I think I would eat those along with the cookie and it’s friend


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