Thoughtless Space

This evening I went on a date…with myself. Classic dinner and a movie (without the dinner).

The Grand Budapest Hotel, 12th March 2014, Arts Picturehouse, CBG-

The film was hilarious (GO SEE IT) and I felt completely at ease unabashedly laughing alone…admittedly, I do this on a regular basis but rarely never in public and whilst my mind did occasionally wonder to the nutritional value of the popcorn and drink I had treated myself to, I welcomed the moments where I was as close to being the most thoughtlessly unselfconscious I have been for a while. It was nice. I’m thinking solo date-nights might become a regular thing, sitting there I almost forgot other people existed. Then again, maybe ‘regular’ isn’t such a good idea. I wouldn’t want to become one of those girls who are hopelessly devoted to their other halves- who in this case would be myself…My point is, there is something to be said for enjoying your own company, especially when the student lifestyle of interminable studying and socialising starts to suffocate.

The date continued with Darcey Bussell speaking at the union and you’ll be pleased or potentially horrified to know I have decided that I am what the Royal Ballet is missing. I, who can’t even handle an hour of Ballet Bootcamp, am going to be a ballerina. I did it once, I can do it again. Even if I am a few feet taller and considerably less athletic. Yep.



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