Mid-day Munchies- B is for Briney Cucumbers

I know ‘Briney Cucumbers’ is a bit of a cop-out but I really couldn’t think of a B snacking food aside from banana and ain’t nothing new about bananas- banana crisps are a pretty common thing and it’s pretty common knowledge that they are good and any arguments against this are void.

Moving swiftly on, before things get ugly, voici sont les cucumbers in brine:

-Briney cucumbers…they’re not particularly pretty either-

Eat them for lunch, for a snack, for dinner. Get you some rye bread and have them for breakfast. Go crazy! They’re only 27 calories per 100g, that’s less than 100 calories up in there! But even if you wanted to, it’s damn near impossible to eat a jar that size at once since they’re super filling. That said, give me a day and it’s a different story.

****Buy your briney cucumbers at any major supermarket (LIDL know what’s up) but for that authentic briney cucumber taste you will have to find a store which deals in Eastern European and Baltic delicacies. Yes, I’m a fan.

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