Revision (no)Break

It’s finally/soon to be the Easter holidays but studying can’t be set aside just yet. Exams are approaching and for some studious individuals “Spring Break”= “Revision (no)Break”. Unfortunately for me, I can’t sit at a desk all day without eventually feeling like I’m staring failure in the face. I have to take regular breaks and step away.

This year, I’ve compiled some activities and challenges based in and around London and Cambridge over the Easter period which are arguably more highbrow than your average procrastination. They should hopefully compliment any revision schedule to provide some well earned relief from cramming your brain full of facts related to a degree which has probably had you questioning your sanity since the first day of the first year. Click the words in rouge to see my revision break suggestions, let me know if you achieve any and what you think!:

-Revision Breaks, March-April 2014-

Let’s be honest, nobody’s brain benefits from 12 hours straight of factual assault. Unless you’re a study machine. Then you do you…


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