And They Shall Call Me SQuoC.


Shoes maketh the man…these shoes are made for walking…shoes are…whichever shoe themed saying you prefer, these bad boys are madeth for walking the path to ‘Scandinavian Queen of Cool’ AKA SQuoC [skwok]





How can these people be so casual yet chic? Comfy yet edgy? How can those clothes speak the language of ultimate COOL better than any mortal? It’s a secret that brands like COS, Acne and Cheap Monday hailing from the Nordic regions have uncovered and I love them for it. Remember how in ‘Food For Thought’ I said ‘I have dreamt of being that severe vision of chic fashion-cool cloaked in black’. No matter how hard I try, it’s a dream I just can’t let go…like-yes, another shameless previous post reference-a New Year’s resolution I am refusing to lay down. Frankly, I’m not Freja Beha Erichsen, neither am I either half of Swedish duo Icona Pop and I’ve come to accept this.

HOWWWWEVER, it doesn’t mean I can’t take structured-fierce to a whole new level and create a look inspired by Scandinavian design which is mine all mine. My fre$h new kicks are just the beginning. Watch out world.

Also, this is the man I am going to marry:

True Love
-And They Shall Call Him King of Cool-

The moment he walked on by felt like heartbreak. It was real (almost as real as I realise this sneaky shot is creepy). If you recognise the back view of this Demi-God, tell him to hit me up at this URL…and that I love him…very, very much.

Does my use of ‘cool’ make you cringe? Or is it really cool? I think it’s cool.

.SQuoC signing out.

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