What Makes A Good Day Out?

First and foremost, good food…

-Look at all those noms, LOOK AT ALL THOSE NOMS-

Honestly, nothing puts a smile on your face like good food. So much yum. From the top left-hand corner:

POLPO Indie World, Soho

So many beautiful hipster mens, so little seating left upstairs. Alas, we were lead downstairs by a beautiful hipster man into the electro den of a beautiful pixie woman who surveyed the area from her throne of cool AKA the bar. There were only four other tables downstairs and no windows which made for a really weird space. The Venetian inspired brown paper menuplacemat is helpfully split into food groups with a handful of cheap tapas style/light-lunch dishes. Everything was going well until I realised I don’t speak Italian and it wasn’t a skill I was going to master during the pressurising order-deciding window before “They” come to take said order, an order which has the potential to make or break the best of us. Well, I had no idea when that time came and “They” had to do some translation. This only made matters worse because the second time I was stuck between a pizette or chickpea and ricotta (meat)balls. The waitress returned for a third attempt at taking our order and probably very fed up by now so I decided to just go for it. Judging by what was sat on the table behind, the pizette looked good, it had an egg on top and everything, no tomato base, just cheesey and spinachy splendour, I went for the fennel, almond and curly endive salad. This was always going to happen. For £6 it was a decent size and really tasty once my brain succumbed to the dark magic in the guise of the dressing which made it taste like orange and poppyseed cake.

41 Beak St, London,
020 7734 4479
Mon-Sat: 12pm–11:30 pm
Sun: 12pm–4pm

***Seating upstairs is ample but it was a nice day so people were out for lunch in full force.

SAID Chocolatiers, Soho

London’s best hot chocolate’ it said outside. ‘London’s best hot chocolate’ said the charming man behind the counter before he proceeded to explain the three flavours: milk, dark, hazelnut. ‘London’s best hot chocolate’ I am inclined to agree. The great taste, fire, comfy armchairs and being surrounded by chocolate, cakes and chocolate factory-at-Easter inspired decorations definitely made spending the £4 worth it (£8 with a Mother’s Day mint square and a free truffle each).
41 Broadwick St, London,
07437 1584
Mon-Sun: 10am-8pm

L’ETO, Soho
It was like eating a butterscotch cloud, that is all.

155 Wardour Street,  London,
020 7494 4991

Wed- Sat: 8am – 11pm
Sun – Tue: 9am – 9pm

Steaming sticky white rice in a stone bowl with veg, more veg and egg. I got my egg-topped food in the end. No worries.

The above is a description of the traditional Dolsot Bibimbap but the eponymous Bibimbap is so much more than that, it can also be eaten with: tofu, beef, chicken etc. but if you aren’t feeling rice, there are other Korean delicacies too. The restaurant is small but service is really friendly and efficient. The Polaroids of customers on the walls make for a good distraction whilst you’re waiting for your meal.

11 Greek St,
London W1D 4DJ1
020 7287 3434
Mon-Sat: 11am – 3 pm, 4pm–11pm

Make finding lunch around Central less of a stress with  What’s For Lunch? Here is the Soho edition: http://whatsforlunchsoho.com/ It even gives you safe options like Pret A Manger…can’t go wrong with Pret.

The second requirement for a good day out is of course, shopping. Browsing the shops on a day out is an ideal way to compensate for consuming the weight of a small child in food. We covered Carnaby Street, Covent Garden and everywhere in between. The mid-season sales are on and there are some good offers to be found out there but if the money machine has well and truly crashed out and the maintenance man is nowhere to be found, one can always ‘faire du lèche-vitrine’ (lick the windows), it’s just as much of a workout. I like to think of keeping my arms anchored to my sides, away from my purse as resistance training. …I did however invest in a pair of shoes from ALDO but they are integral to my style transformation. Lastly, good company good foodtographer makes for a whale of a time. Contrary to views expressed in ‘Thoughtless Space’, a day shared can also be a good day out. Basically, it’s a plus having someone on photo duty when your phone/camera isn’t co-operating. No but seriously, spending time with someone who gets good food and shopping, the other two components of a good day, is SUPERFUN. Thank you friend! XoXo


That’s all for now folks, thanks for reading!

More on the future of my look and the big reveal of my shoes to follow.


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