SQuoC Takes The Throne

-Hey SQuoC, where is your shoe??

Today was the début of SQuoC. Off to a good start or no?

The jumper is from Reiss and the coated black jeans were a lucky find in the GAP Boxing Day sales. Both bags hail from Zara and presented me with a tough choice which required much deliberation and brought much heartache.

Seeing as this was essentially the maiden voyage of The Shoes, they were understandably the most exciting part of the ensemble for me. That being said, a coat which matches your sartorial vision is hard to come by, so the moment I remembered my mother had a perfect coat to suit both weather and outfit, I was carried off on a wave of pure glee and proceeded to steal said perfect coat (black hooded waterproof also from GAP). Once the coat thief adrenalin rush had subsided, I returned to admiring the shoes.

I loved wearing this outfit and felt comfortable all day; that almost never happens…in fact, it has never happened…Day 1 as SQuoC, SUCCESS.

If SQuoC and The Shoes mean nothing to you then educate cho’ self: https://cirque1993.wordpress.com/2014/04/01/476/

…and if you don’t know, now you know…

Which bag would you have gone for? The Green Blue Giant or its smaller, some might say edgier counterpart? I went for the latter as a matter of practicality rather than preference. I was and still am torn.


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