Mid-day Munchies- I C Fruit.

Or I C e fruit
Or eye see (icey) fruit

too much?
Or 2 much?

It’s spring and ice-cream is acceptable! To my mind, ice-cream, ice-lollies, frozen yoghurt etc. is never not acceptable, but some poor souls are under the impression that foods under zero degrees Celsius can only be consumed in conditions over twenty degrees Celsius. Tell me then, why is it I can eat a Magnum in winter without getting sticky vanilla fingers and chocolate smeared attractively across my face and down my front?

Anywho, though you might still be berated by health conscious parents over the Twister you’re having for breakfast or subjected to disdainful glares from your friends across the table when you order a chilly desert instead of a normal meal, it’s coming to that time of year when it’s more or less alright to indulge your cravings for frozen delights and if you’re anything like me- see above for very real examples from yesterday- things could get out of hand. This instalment of mid-day munchies brings you (yoghurt) coated frozen fruit bites. They’re veggie, vegan* and totally breakfast appropriate.

Here’s my recipe inspired by In Sock Monkey Slippers:
1 banana cut into rounds
1 kiwi cut into rounds
1 cup of small strawberries
(or any other freezable fruits of your choice)
1 bowl of low-fat Greek yoghurt mixed with a tablespoon of agave syrup left in the fridge to thicken
Optional ground pistachios for decoration
1 baking sheet covered with parchment

Get yoghurt mix, dip fruit, sprinkle nuts, freeze.

Make lollies by sliding the fruit onto sticks before dipping and freezing, like so:

-credits to the owner-

*Vegan’s can substitute the yoghurt and syrup with melted dairy-free chocolate.

**Rarely are desserts a thing. The waiter comes and asks the table if they want to see a dessert menu, out of politeness the table accepts but the table is divided in three: Those who are too full from the feast they just inhaled to even consider another course, those who are feigning satisfaction because they know full well they ordered the wrong thing and have spent the past forty minutes shifting an array of questionable molluscs around their plate and those who have eaten well but could go for something extra to close proceedings. In short, no one will have dessert because no one is going to be the greedy so and so to order even though it’s the queue others are waiting for. At least two of the three miss out. Now, this predicament can be avoided if you simply take dessert as a main! Ice cream melts, pizza is forever. Live a little.

Another (Easter themed) fruit and yoghurt recipe:

and some 2much to blast in the kitchen:

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