Kill Those Exams.

Exam term has begun, take a look at your exam schedule, let that double paper sink in then practice the Ujjayi breath. It’s okay to shed a tear.



Exam term is what it is and the nerves are inevitable but it also brings with it the potential for untold intellectual and spiritual productivity. I have come up with a few worthy and enlightening procrastinations activities. Whether you’re taking a break to ride your yoga bicycle across your carpet with yoga matt in tow (why does this happen?) or on an actual bike headed to a new study spot, the aim of the game is not to let stress keep you anchored to a desk in The Fortress of Solemn Learning yet still manage to do all that’s expected of you and all that you expect of yourself, maybe even more…So here is my list of pleasant distractions, go in order, pick at random, repeat the same activity religiously at 11:11am everyday without fail…as long as you enjoy it!:

-People watch, try the staring game, count the super stylin’ kids in red chinos, bonus points for red chino shorts…Bonus bonus points for red chino shorts with flipflops…nevermind the puddles, it’s Spring and he’s on a mad one.

-Try out a Spanish tapas party complete with awful pop and/or reggaeton. Do it homemade stylee or if you’re in Cambridge, hit up Tito Kiko tapas bar on a Sunday night for snacks, sangrias and shimmying cervesas.

-Face mask:
Guys can totally do these too. Real men aren’t afraid to have skin as soft as rose petals.

-Bake something! If you don’t have an oven, microwave it?:


-Watch Clueless

-Make potato stamps, possibly studies themed, mathmos??
(anyone who knows me well…or even not very well will know…should know that I am massive fan of potato stamps, second only to macarons)

-Go for a run

Be silent, be still watch She’s All That

-Treat a friend: Get that revision hermit out and about, find an open space and do some Tai Chi

-Watch The Godfather 1,2,3 like a TV series but less danger of you know, not sleeping until reaching the more often than not anti-climactic finale.

-One hour to find and explore somewhere you haven’t been before, GO.

-Treat a friend part 2: Coffee (tea, water, hot chocolate) be cute and give someone the gift of quenched thirst

-Late night learners:Go to sleep

-Library switch-up

-Study Buddy

-Shopping Spree



-…More Macarons?

– Always.

-Penultimate day? Watch bring it on. This isn’t a clever adaptation of a classic but I like to think the drive and enthusiasm of the cheer queens is something to emulate.

-Kill Those Exams.

All this fun is still fun even if you’re not lucky enough to have your spring-time blue skies clouded by the exam-time cumulus.

For after exams:

Play Who stole Sponge Bob´s Square Pants Game Free Online

I strongly recommend you only start when you’re done. No one wants finding Spongebob’s pants to be the reason they failed at life.

*DISCLAIMER* It’s your own fault if you have an addictive personality.

To all my brothers on the grind in the hou$e$ of Pain (institutes of higher education and erudition)…GOODLUCK.


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