Pet Peeve Numero Uno: Weak, half-hearted, effortless hugs.

What is the point of hugging someone if you aren’t going to do it properly?

‘Oh hey! Let me drape one arm limply around your shoulder and move in to an awkwardly hesitant non-distance eventhough we have met and conversed on several occasions.’

People who do this should be ashamed of themselves, they are the worst kinds of people, non-comittal huggers. Ironically on a par with space-invaders*. If you are going to go for a hug then you have to commit. If you’re a non-comittal hugophobe, if you can’t deal with a decent embrace, just shake my hand…or never speak to me again? Clearly we were never that close anyway. Why do you hate me?



*Space-invaders- individuals disposed to invading personal space.


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