Room For Revision

A new spin on the ‘Food For…’ series in the spirit of exam term.

As I’ve said before (maybe even multiple times before): Some people just aren’t cut out for the library environment and I’m one of them. There’s something that upsets me about being surrounded by hard-workers with incredible attention spans, ironically my jealousy is really distracting. Instead, I prefer to study where I’m still surrounded by other people but other people doing other things; small cafés are ideal. This way when I do look up from the jumble on the page in front of me, I’m not confronted by the person opposite blasting through an unnecessarily high pile of books next to them.

Personally, I think that for a city with two universities there is a lack of independent student friendly cafés in Cambridge but here is a list of four of the best places in the area I would recommend for studying (click the names of 1,2 and 3 for more info) :

1- Hot Numbers. Dales Brewery, Gwydir Street, Cambridge. Comfy and out of the way, you can even listen to live music or browse the art gallery of sorts.


2- The Table85 Regent Street, Cambridge. Lots of room for revision.

Table (6)

3-Nord5-7 Sussex Street, Cambridge. Good food, good people watching (my favourite), what more could you want?

Nord (3)

4-Sticky Beaks. 42 Hobson Street, Cambridge. I wouldn’t set your heart on this one because it fills up pretty quickly, especially around lunchtime. Making finding a space and work difficult. Still, it’s one of the few places which actually offers a variety vegetarian options and the cake choices are fun without looking like one bite is going to stop your heart for all the fat or send you on a sugar-induced trip into another dimension.

sticky beaks


This ‘something’ I mentioned feeling in libraries is probably guilt. Though it’s likely that behind their studious exteriors there are struggling students just like me. I hope everyone’s not letting the stress get to them too much.


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