Cirque 2000

20140522-112013.jpgInspired by my trip down memory lane in the last post, I have decided to paint you a vivid picture of my childhood dream. Here is what I believed to be essential to the outfit of an aspiring dancer circa 2000:

Crop top and tasselled parachute pants. Without tassels you were nothing.


Baker-boy hat-preferably pleather and metallic.


Killer accessories– yes, transfer tattoos are accessories…but only if they’re sparkly butterflies.




Someone must be able to relate.

You’re probably lying to yourself and me if you disagree.

ALSO. I have a bone to pick with Topshop: Chokers for £5?! £5! £5 for one at that!! Once upon a time I was rolling in 90p wire neck decorations of all colours and designs from my local library. I was loyal to the choker until it’s last dying day. Now, a decade later, they’re ‘cool’ again and I’m expected to hand over £5 of my parents’ sponsor’s hard earned monies? I am sorry chokers, the flame of our torrid love affair can never be rekindled if that’s the price I have to pay.


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