Jack’s Gelato, Cambridge

All I need in this life of sin is a man with a bike and a cart filled with some of the most delicious gelato I have ever tasted. It’s a shame this discovery came so late in the day. Jack isn’t about that suspiciously bright, artificial neopolitan life. His vanilla isn’t luminous yellow but milky white and speckled with authenticity and magic.

Jack and his gelato had been floating around in the peripheries of my foody mental for some time, I’d seen the name about town and on twitter but never made the time to investigate properly (for shame). It wasn’t until one afternoon last week when I had the good fortune of chatting to the man himself that I properly found out what he’s about. Based in Cambridge, Jack moves about with his cart, dealing in the lesser known but oh so tasty gelato flavours. Think peanut butter, Alfonso mango and cambridge honey. He sets up temporary base about town and then tweets his location here: https://twitter.com/jacks_gelato
Although Jack doesn’t have a fixed store, he sources to businesses like NORD and Cherry Hill Chocolates in Ely. If you get the chance, I strongly suggest you track him down.

For the May ball goers out there, it’s likely you’ll come up against the ice cream or cocktail predicament which clouds your better judgment: ice cream or cocktail? Cocktail or ice cream? Why not both? I paid for both, I’m having both. Jack however, provided a more innovative solution: ice cream cocktail. Two in one. Win. Returning to this stall three times still put me on vom alert but it also saved me the embarrassment of flashing a guilty grimace smile at the poor souls manning the ice cream and cocktail stalls upon gracing them with my disheveled, manic presence for the fifth time in search of calories and units I don’t need before proceeding to stagger away with goodies in hand, arm, bag, any available holding space.

That being said, embarrassment didn’t stop me from trying to drunkenly charm the man policing the baked goods into giving me a dark chocolate brownie and a salted caramel whoopie pie despite his one-per-person policy. “Baked goods”,synonymous with “no regrets”.


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