Help, I’m a blogger tangled in the interwebs…or am I?

Cirque was in crisis. I’m not one to lose out on sleep but until a few days ago my usual dead-to-the-world slumber was affected by the cogitations of a minormajor case of blogger’s existential mania. What is this blog? Why is this blog? Who is this blog? Is this real life? Why hath thou forsaken me? Help…help…



…If that Oscar-worthy re-enactment doesn’t give you a feel for my mental state of late then let these examples of stop-started posts illustrate the internal conflict.

Cirque Ideas

Sometimes we gets down and we gets out. When this feeling hits, I can’t do anything. Nothing. Nada. Nope. I started to beat myself up about not just my radio silence on the Cirque front but also on all aspects of my life. I was that poor soul in P.E. lessons, staring at the horse vault -not even at its full height- still unable to scrabble over to reach the greener  pastures on the other side, getting more and more frustrated (yes this was a lived experience). Mais, but, pero, I knew I had to do something… ‘WHAT  THO?’

The answer?…do nothing. Don’t give up completely but take a break. Turn away from the horse and take a breather to clear your mind. Then, you turn back around, fix your sights on the green green grass beyond the hurdle, queue fanfare, run, jump, fly, YOU MADE IT. Who wouldda thunk it, huh?

It’s not that you’re useless or that you should give up, a change of tact might be the solution but then again so could a break. When I turned away from that horse, I really didn’t think I’d turn around but I did and now I’m back to clog your news feeds, twitter feeds and insta feeds with ramblings, pretty pictures and my favourite tunes. That being said:



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