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A week ago exactly, I got to live like a London QuoC instead of SQuoC.

But still SQuoC.

Long Live SQuoC.


I HAD A WHOLE FLAT TO MYSELF ALL MYSELF ME MINE ALL. It was the best. Friday to Sunday, I was mature and independent bar the manic dancing which I couldn’t even restrain myself enough to keep to the confines of the kitchen….but other than that, I assure you, I was the epitome of mature and independent. Sippin’ on rosé in the evenings lyk. So much rosé. Nevermind.

This glorious weekend inspired me to create a guide to the ideal weekend in LDN, The Big L.

London by Cirque1993

Friday PM

Grab some food to go or to stay from the health and well-being enthusiasts at one of the many Itsus around town. Whether you chose to sit or walk, your meal will definitely be packed full of vitaminy and nutrienty goodness and if you turn up half an hour before closing then it will probably be half-price too!


If you’re looking to hit the town with friends then I recommend you try one of the many Korean restaurants along Denmark Street (nearest tube Totenham Court Road) and then venture to a bar or pub or street corner or door way in Soho. I dare you to take a glass as a souvenir. Here’s one I stole earlier…Except not because I’m not going to be that idiot who goes to jail for posting a picture of something I stole when I didn’t even steal it…

Saturday AM

The Lovely Lanka Bakery on Finchley Road run by ‘French & modern British cuisine chef  Masayuki Hara’ and the most polite and welcoming staff I have ever come across in the City is perfect for a Saturday morning, the selection of tea is incredible, rivalled only by the cakes which range from Rum Babas to Green Tea macarons and perfectly delicious (I do not lie or exaggerate) chocolate brownies. If you’re as lucky as I was, you might even get to sample some fresh home-made sorbet.


Saturday AM/PM

SHOPPING. Go for a wander and a gander around central to see what you can find. Try on anything and everything, e.g. that Valentino in Selfridges you will go back for, you must go back for.


I recommend you heal the hurt with a bubble tea.

Saturday PM

Dinner with the galdem or mandem or alone at Niche Café and Restaurant, next to Sadler’s Wells Theatre. The nearest tube is Angel which brings you right out to the bars and social hubs of Islington. You should expect to pay no less than £10 for a main but the food is quite substantial and it is 50% off with a Tastecard even at the weekend. Moreover…THERE ARE PLUGS AND THERE IS WIFI. You would think that with London being as busy and corporate as it is, it shouldn’t be hard to find somewhere with these two basic features, but it is! So many of the new independent cafés don’t meet these requirements. I’m all for promoting human interaction but sometimes you just need the internet or at least power. My laptop can only last so long…my phone can only last so long…maybe I should stop relying on others to provide me with power and just get a new laptop…and phone…yes.


Sunday AM


Sunday AM/PM

Brunch at the 202 Café in Westbourne Grove, West London is a must. Yes, it’s pricey but yes, it’s worth it. Toasted Challah and Shakshuka? Yes please. PLEASE. I only ordered a lemon tea as I was meeting a friend for lunch but how I wished I could have stayed because although the dishes were many monies, they were BIG. AND. The defining feature of this café is that it is also a designer boutique and a very nice one at that. A very nice one which was having a sale. A very decent sale. I had to leave. For the sake of my savings.


Sunday PM

After a walk through a green and an afternoon of people watching, return chez toi with a bottle of your favourite wine and chill, on the sofa, in bed, with a book, a laptop, some music, a person, whatever. Enjoy the evening and let your weekend sink in.

Monday AM

Back to the Bubble Tea because it will be a long week ahead looking forward to Friday when you can do this all again!

london day 2Lakwatsalondon day2


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