Mid-day Munchies- Earthy Eating

Earthy Eating= Anything in Whole Foods Market. GO. WILD.

whole foods

Whole Foods Market, Picadilly Circus, LDN. Nearest tube-Picadilly Circus. Where dreams are made real-

Opening times:

Mon-Fri 7.30am-10pm
Saturday- 9.00am-10pm
Sunday- 12pm-6pm

The arrival of the new Whole Foods Market emporium in Picadillly Circus is further evidence of the yummy-mummy-office-chic take-over working its way through London. My beloved Trocadero which housed some of my fondest childhood memories (ironically also home to dodgy dealers and other characters) is now gone, all that remains is a 5D world in the basement where the dancers I used to watch from afar with jealous admiration would practice and battle.


-This small collection of gaming machines isn’t a patch on what the original arcade was. Where are the yellow tickets? Where are the prizes? What is the point?-


I will never be able to fully recover from this catastrophe but the heavenly aisles stocked full with wholesome whole foods, beauty supplements and more helped ease the hurt. Indecisive shoppers, be prepared to spend hours picking up and putting back. There. Is, Just. Too. Much.


-Much chia, much chickpea, much cheese, so LOVE.-

Other Wholefoods Stores: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list/uk


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