Mid-day Munchies- Firefly Tonics

At last, I got my hands on a Firefly Tonic and boy am I glad I did.


‘A what?’ you say. A Firefly Tonic!  ‘A blend of the most refreshing fruit juices and botanical extracts from around the world, with absolutely nothing artificial.’ Their words not mine…but I agree. I tried the Pomegranate&Elderflower as well as the Lemon,Lime&Ginger. I was worried that my picks might be a bit too sweet but instead they were perfectly subtle and indeed, pleasantly refreshing.


It’s not just the drinks which are refreshing, their staff are too. They are just lovely people! Follow @FireflyTonics on Twitter to engage in cute exchanges with the cute person or people typing on their behalf.


-Why so lovely?-

Find out where to get you some by clicking right here => http://www.fireflytonics.com/our-drinks/where-to-get-firefly/


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