Jealous Sweets.

Jealous sweets

Seeing as we have only just covered ‘F’, I couldn’t wait until it was ‘J’s turn for Mid-day Munchies to post this but I am out of ingenious ways to make products relate to seemingly completely unrelated letters. So, here is a stand-alone review dedicated to Jealous Sweets  tangy treat, Tangy Worms.

First of all, this all started when a few days ago, I opened the twitter app to embark on routine twitter sweep for interesting people to stalk follow, only to find I had a new follower: @thejealouslife (they followed me!!). Intriguing, no? Well, I like sweets. I like sweets a lot. Naturally, I asked who or what exactly Jealous Sweets was. This was their reply:

 jealous tweet

Even more intriguing, no? Well, well, well, I made it yet another mission of mine to find them. I didn’t expect the opportunity to venture into London in search of their sugary goodness to present itself so soon but it did! The Mother and the Brother were abandoning me for Paris and I suppose the Mother felt somewhat guilty since she invited me to accompany them jusqu’à King’s Cross. When they left, the hunt commenced. I ventured all the way to Planet Organic in Westbourne Grove, Notting Hill but sadly there were nothing from Jealous Sweets in sight…but there were a lot of other goodies, holllaaaa…Anywho…from here, it was all aboard the big red peasant wagon to Selfridges&Co. on Bond Street where I circled the confectioneries like a determined vulture for a good ten minutes until I hit gold:

Les Tangy Worms

£2.49, free of gluten, artificial flavours and colouring, they’re nothing but chewy, gooey, yum.


Going & Gone, total time: 3 minutes


The Fav-

Other tangy (and not so tangy) treats from Jealous Sweets:

jealous press Image: Jealous Press-

Gummy Bears, you’re next.


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