Totally Sweating Betty



If Betty were real she would be the ultimate girl-crush. Even if she was sweaty because you can rest assured her work-out wear and body would be on point.

British activewear brand Sweaty Betty founded in 1998 by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton has cracked the code to looking good whilst killing it at the gym/in the yoga studio/on a run and it doesn’t require much more than a disposable income. These days, quality really does come at a price but it’s a price worth paying- you won’t be falling victim to the sweat bead mascara tears which give away your shameless pre-gym efforts whilst on the treadmill. All the guys will be so enthralled by the shapely fit of your Mukha Yoga Vest and Power Run Capris that you won’t have any need for mascara or to do much more with your hair than to throw it into that messy bun we all know and love.

The apparel alone is enough to emphasise or at least give the illusion of a bangin’ body but if you wanted to take it a step further, Sweaty Betty operate a membership scheme which entitles you to classes and workout sessions based in their UK boutiques all sans payment! No monies, just sweat. Since becoming a Sweaty Betty member I have cultivated a love of yoga. Yoga surrounded by stylish kit and exercise accessories, is there anything more calming and inspiring? I. Don’t. Think. Sooo…

Visit the Sweaty Betty website for more information on clubs and stores near you.

Image credits-Sweaty Betty


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