Food For The Soul(i)



It doesn’t matter how many hours of planning go into my days out, I will inevitably wind up dragging my feet about town feeling put out because therestaurant store, supermarket…swimming pool I originally intended to visit is either:

A) Closed for refurbishments

B) Closed for the day

C) Closed forever (or apparently never even existed)

Really, wandering aimlessly bearing the heavy weight of disappointment is pretty much all one can do in these situations. However, refusing to give in to the guarantee of free WiFi and plug sockets in the numerous Neros, Prets and Starbucks which beckoned to me as I passed, I trudged on. I was on a mission to find another one of London’s growing population of independent cafés. Find I did. I turned the corner of George Street, in the Marylebone/Baker Street area near the Wallace Collection, to come face to image with a winged pig mid-flight on a sign which read ‘Souli’ in distinctive white script.

There was a man sat outside sipping on something which looked a lot like the latte I had been craving. I did a quick window drive walk-by and when I peered in (completely aware of how suspicious I looked), my gaze took in the beautifully pristine interior, set off by a display of coffee table books and fashion magazines which lined one of the walls. Then, like fate, my sights fell upon a single gold plaque behind a cute wooden park-bench style table and stool-PLUG SOCKET!!! I was sold.


I walked in, set up shop (laptop and multiple cables), then proceeded to stand gormless in the centre of the small space, boxed in by a coffee bad, a juicing station, a fridge and a deli style counter. Soft drinks and granola filled the fridge whilst salads and sandwiches lined the counter. No, this was not a dream nor a mirage. Although £2.95 for a half-sized fresh sandwich and just over £3 for a personal salad (also available in large) in London is enough to make anyone question the reality of the situation. I was unsure of how to proceed.

After some much appreciated guidance from the staff, I made my choice.



Thank you Souli! I’ll be back.

Take a look at their website:


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