Mid-day Munchies- Gingery Seeds

Introducing…*drum-roll please*… MUNCHY SEEDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !  !! ! !

munchy seeds1

-Quite possibly the most appropriately branded Mid-day Munchies snack-

I came across these Vegetarian and Coelliac friendly delights whilst perusing the aisles of Waitrose for an item which was neither snacky nor seedy. They claim to ‘packed to the brim’ with natural goodness at 274kcals per 50g– not bad for snacky seeds which are also a source of calcium, protein, vitamin E, Iron and more.

munchy seeds2

-A+ for the yummy Chocolate and Ginger combo-

I look forward to trying more Munchy Seeds.  According to their TwitterFacebook  and Official Website, the collection is quite impressive. Popper Pot anyone?

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