Roses Are Red…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
You should answer questions,
Basic conversation skill.

-An Enlightened Individual, 2014.

These words from an enlightened individual sum up pretty much everything I feel when someone doesn’t reply to my questions. I’m not just asking things for the LOLs. That symbol, this symbol ‘?’, you know the question markDoes actually mean something, I didn’t just put it there because I like the way the curve and the dot end my sentence…No. It’s actually pretty awkward looking if I’m honest…I use it because I want to know something and so I am asking about that something so you can tell me about that something, not leave me hanging.

The most unforgivable crime of all question related crimes is to completely ignore the question only to resume conversation days later with completely unrelated information which no one really cares about. Yet I’m much too polite to say this to anyone’s face so I take my annoyance to the internet. Meanwhile, I continue to entertain conversation about chinchillas flushing toilets when all I really wanted to know and still want to know is whether my interlocutor had a nice meal to celebrate a relative’s birthday. In these situations, what started out as an off-hand enquiry suddenly becomes a massive mystery which you absolutely MUST get the answer to. Before, I was just curious about the nice meal, now I need to know about the nice meal. Tell me about the nice meal dammit.

The next time someone fails to respond with an adequate response, I will tell them about themselves. OR, I will follow the lead of the enlightened individual and call them out before they can even say chinchilla.



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