And The Winner Is…


BREAKING NEWS: Last minute entry are crowned World Champions.

I was originally headed for Chatime with a friend when a nice man with free tea samples crossed our path- free anything bubble tea?! Yes please. It was passion-fruit milk tea with basil seeds and it was surprisingly delicious (the basil seeds on their own weren’t quite so delicious). Anyhow, the bait worked and we went inside to have a look at the menu. The first thing I noticed was that they served soya and almond milk! Then I saw that they would make an order hot upon request-perfecto! This applied to a majority of their drinks, not just a select few as in a lot of other places-even more perfecto!

The man at the pay station/ipad (a manager perhaps…I should have asked, sorry 😦 ) was superduperduper welcoming and informative. He chatted to us about the tea, explained everything and let us know that Biju is a health-concious brand which caters to other health-conscious folk and their dietary needs and preferences.

Here are some pictures but you should really go and see it for yourself!

156 160 158

All the infos are on their website:

Congratulations Biju on winning the Bubble Tea World Cup and becoming my new favourites!

Cirque xoxoxoox


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