Dreams Do Come True


Yesterday I read the words: “Hello Kitty is not a cat.” and my heart plummeted, no sinking, plummeting. Of course Hello Kitty is a cat, why must these calloused lies find their way onto the interwebs? I couldn’t even bring myself to follow the links which were beginning to pop up on my screen for fear of my childhood collapsing around me.

Today I found the courage to follow up on the story. I steeled myself for extreme hurt that would last the rest of my life and clicked on the traitor headline. What I saw wasn’t that bad!

[Hello Kitty] is a British school kid called Kitty White and she lives just outside London (although no-one is saying exactly where).

ME! THAT’S ME!! I’m totally Kitty White. This was all I ever wanted, I’m complete. Life is wonderful

For serious tho, Hello Kitty is still a cat, she just proves that inside every little schoolgirl from Buckinghamshire outside London, i.e. once-upon-a-time-me, there is cute cat-like critter. Further proof of my deep connection to HK was my insistence that my close friends called me Kitty, I even had it put on the back of a hoodie (ewewewembarrassment).

Image Credits:http://laist.com/2014/08/27/sanrios_shocking_reveal_hello_kitty.php


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