Samson and Delilah


About a month ago I was lucky enough to sit down with one-third of the team behind the newly launched make-up brand Delilah. Currently stocking to spas around the UK, the Delilah collective are definitely set to make waves in the British cosmetics industry. During our meeting, I learnt the dedication and courage it takes to launch a brand….and not just any brand but a top-of-the-range competitive line. It’s a process which takes untold amounts of patience, market knowledge and drive, as well as a desire to please and provide to the best of your means. These are all qualities which the absolutely lovely Hannah Nicholson possesses. Many associate the name Delilah with the seductive power of woman’s allure; whilst the the delilah rose logo is an archetypal symbol of natural beauty, and a nod to the brand’s British roots.


Opening the boxes is an experience in itself. The creative brains behind the ideas have opted for crown gold touches which, according to their website, was “introduced by Henry VIII to replace the gold sovereign.” It’s clear from handling the foundations, primers, glosses etc. (some of which come in neat velvet pouches) that so much thought has gone into both creation and marketing. The products themselves do not disappoint.


From what I’ve seen so far, my favourites are the finely bristled mascara brush and the gel eye liner which glides on to perfection. For someone who is accustomed to leaving the house with panda-eyes rubbed raw at the edges as a result of attacking the tender skin with make-up wipes in a desperate attempt to create the perfect cat-eye, I was completely amazed at how easily (and evenly) I managed to draw on the two flicks which usually take me a good 15 minutes and cause me a great deal of pain.
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My absolute absolute absolute ABSOLUTE (I can not stress this enough) .AB-SO-LUTE. ‘Top pick’ is the Colour Gloss in Orchid; I’m slowly coming round to wearing colours on my lips but have been hesitant about straying too far from the safety of rose tinted Vaseline and Chanel Rouge Allure in Pirate (for when I feel like pushing the boat out). Yet this one was a perfect fit and it lasts for ages!


-It also doesn’t taste too bad either-

It’s not only the beautiful finishes and  pristine pink packaging which make Delilah so appealing, nor is it just  their impressive range and quality. It was above all, Hannah’s connection to her brand and work which inspired confidence in their business and products.

All you need to know and buy is here on their website!

The flavour of a lip product is actually pretty important, this one passed the test. I have yet to come across someone who enjoys putting a gloss on their lips and tasting grossness all day.


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