Food From The (Detox) Kitchen


So, Whilst I was on a mad one chasing Bubble Tea Dreams during my two-week stint as an intern in Central London, I was also on a hunt for the best place for a filling, wholesome (best adjective ever) mid-day meal near the office. I think I found it.

The Detox Kitchen (Click for their website and “Detox Social” links). They currently have two delis, one in Harvey Nichols department store and the other at number 10 Kingly Street, W1B 5PJ. The latter being my go-to lunch spot. I had actually come across the business before on instagram but I forgot there was a branch just off Carnaby Street which meant as well as being in one of favourite parts of the City, it was also conveniently just around the corner from work!070



It’s nigh on impossible to find a decent lunch which isn’t soaked in grease, animal fat and more nasty nasty for under £5 in Central…it’s like all the places to eat know that the business folk get hungry and these business folk must have business folk monies so it follows that their delirious hunger-addled minds will tell them to spend said monies on something, anything which will nourish their bodies and give them an excuse to break free of the bonds which have been tethering them to their desk since 9AM. BUT THIS ISN’T TRUE…okay, the tethering and the delirium is all very real but the having monies isn’t and it’s cruel to assume it is all you extortionate restaurateurs out there…shame on you.

Returning to the point, it would seem that The Detox Kitchen have struck a glorious balance. They run a menu which is a) far removed from their local sushi-based-pan-asian rivals and b) diverse in that they sell a range of fixed and bespoke dishes like the Vibrant Vegan salad and the Mixed Deli box both pictured below! The vibrant vegan is £4.95 whilst the mixed box is only £1 more (the box is well and truly filled to the brim).



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