One Week

It’s official, today marks a week in my new home for the year, Valencia. This evening I have journeyed across town from my temporary shelter where I am looking after one amusing little kitty, to La Más Bonita café I have ever been to.

la mas bonita better

Lucky for me but not so lucky for my thighs (see Instagram), this little piece of heaven is not far from where I will be taking up a more permanent residence in the flat of my dreams which is nestled on a little street between the bustling Ciutat Vella with it’s antique buildings, and the fashionable Ruzafa, home to this pretty place and many others like it. Still, I may be away from the cat in body as I soak up the nocturnal atmosphere but I’m not distanced in spirit. After all, I’m still a cat lady at heart.



-…Then again…I will never ever say no to sangria happy hour on the beach or sushi with The Perfect Boyfriend

Valencia is the ideal location for a Year Abroad, almost everyone agrees. Cheap flats, cheap alcohol, a beach and good weather-life is one big party here. Of course, that’s why, I assume, many other people ultimately chose to come here. I wanted a complete rest and to escape from any preoccupations at home. One messy night out however, has already taught me that I should probably take it a bit easier and that maybe I shouldn’t try to maintain the level of my more experienced counterparts just yet.Europeans are machines. Bien sûr, I’m not going to totally drop off the party scene…but I will take time to revel in a simpler, calmer quasi-bohemian life inspired by Laren Stover’s Bohemian Manifesto. This relatively navigable coastal city has so much to offer on top of sun, sun and hangovers. The art, architecture and daily life are fascinating. It would be a crime to not enjoy everything as much as I can before my time is up in July. Yoga, guitar, driving and maybe...just maybe a few dancing lessons are on the cards.

203 204 167 163 179

It’s clear to me now that whilst in the UK I managed to surround myself with some pretty great people because as a result of their far-reaching international social networks, it seems to have translated into my life here. Friends of friends and their friends have been so accomodating along with my growing social circle of fellow fun-loving Erasmus students.

Everyone I have met, has been incredible and made me feel welcome. Epecially a woman more beautiful inside and out than una rosa and a pair of hilarious hermanas, owners of my charge Zack The Cat. Un abrazo MUY MUY MUY fuerte y un montón de besos a vosotros xxxxxxxx

La conservera 2 La conservera!

From today, I’ll be posting all the things I come across on my travels which I have liked, loved and possibly loathed in English, French and Spanish (a girl’s gotta practice).  Essentially, it will be a more visual, less long-winded, more frequently updated version of the blog…but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep reading. Please keep reading. Plz. Por favor. S’il vous plaît.

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  1. amiee said:

    Welcome to Valencia!! I’ve been here for the past 3 weeks now and i too have managed to spend everything in Zara… Well, there is four (if not five!) of them!

    Anyway, great post


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