Becoming SpQuoC (The ‘P’ is silent).


Behold, the beginnings of my wardrobe for my new life…New city, new clothes, new hair…Yes, I have been shopping. Yes, it’s almost all from Zara. In my defence the thought process was: Zara is a Spanish brand and I’m going to Spain…buy, cámpratelo chica.

Makes sense, no? So justified…AND the ultimate defense: it was all on sale. The black dress was only £7.99 whilst it’s asymmetrical other was only £5 dearer. The jacket was also £12.99 and the shoes were £17. Bargain, no? Even more in my defence, I have incorporated some of my favourite “older” pieces which as well as having sentimental value seem to bring joy and mirth to not just myself but to those around me.


-This jacket was for sure a star-buy. Fer sho’.-

Look, Zack the cat can’t handle all the joy and mirth, he can’t help but walk over those glorious patterns and fabrics.


-The ‘C’ still stands for ‘cool’, not ‘cat’.-

Alternatively…the ‘C’ could stand for ‘Chilosa’, no? Prima J agree.

Whether the C stands for ‘cool’, ‘chula’, ‘chilosa’, ‘caliente’, ‘cold’, is neither here nor there, heck, it can stand for all of them. SpQUoC is SQuoC relaoded. SpQuoC might just be that sequel which actually out-performs the original because the creators are older and wiser, more in-tune with their industry, their vision, their creative spirit. How learned they are now, how naive they were then. AScandinavian Queen of Cool will forever be the epitome of cool, she’s ice cold. No doubt about it. Yet, a Spanish Queen of postive adjectives beginning with C takes everything a little bit further (at least this Spanish Queen of postive adjectives beginning with C intends to). She is partial to tasteful bursts of colour, unconventional materials and isn’t afraid to experiment.

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