Instagram Finds

Four wonderful things I stumbled across on Instagram this week!

Cosa Bella


-Image credits to Cosa Bella-

Decent underwear is one thing that’s lacking in my life… I felt my fingers itching to type out my banking details and give Cosa Bella all my monies. Brace yourself and follow on the links with caution…



-Image credits to Defloresyfloreros-

Similarly to my real-life grown-up lingerie non-situation, I am also in desperate need of shoes, clothes for my feet. Clothes for my feet which make an impact, which make people jealous and wish my feet were their feet. Valencia-based shoe designers Defloresyfloreros might just be the ones to make this happen for me. Check out their Instagram and website for their collections and latest additions!

Mr. Wonderful


-Image credits to Mr.Wonderful-

Another Spanish company but this time it’s ‘una empresa feliz con una tienda que es la bomba’. Basically, Mr.Wonderful is a lifestyle and concept store set up by husband and wife Javi and Angi, which spreads love and positive vibes through mugs and wall-hangings and ipad cases etc. You really must check, check it out. It is The Business…like my rapping skills. Lil’ Wayne? More like Lol’ Wayne…

Pachamama London–


-Image credits to Pachamama London-

New Peruvian inspired restaurant coming soon to Marylebone! Word on the street is the opening might coincide with my mid-October birthday…A quick trip back to the City of Dreams might be in order…


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