.Food From Asia (by way of Cuba).

ADC 3 It seems that over the summer I acquired a Food Fairy-Godmother and I found myself on more than one occasion, seated in some of the finest dining establishments in London, beside some of the finest company I have had the pleasure of enjoying. One of these establishments left a particularly long-lasting impression- The Asian/Cuban fusion (and my mother’s favourite) Asia de Cuba in the St.Martin’s Lane Hotel. ADC 2 To get to the dining area, you have to enter through a glass revolving portal and cross a lobby bathed in an ethereal yellow light. Immaculate (heels and little black dresses all round) hostesses greet you with a warm smile at a plinth which indicates the divide between Lobby and Restaurant. Queue restaurant fare- reservation? Yes. What Time? 7. How many? 3. Right this way please. Everyone is seated and menus are passed round, pretty standard. Until a flamboyant waiter with a convincingly genuine passion for his job and the menu takes a seat opposite you at the table to explain how the meal will run AND to give you his recommendations. Unfortunately, our guide couldn’t stay seated for too long as he had other tables to attend to and the third member of our party arrived to claim her space. The attentive service, however, was maintained throughout our visit. ADC 5 We were being treated to the taster menu which consisted of a varied dishes set menu which was brought to the table on large plates of glazed white china. Emphasis on large. The experience was all about sharing and trying a bit of everything. Fish, veggies, meat. Now, I was the only vegetarian and person who didn’t eat fish at the table. I didn’t want to confuse things or deprive anyone of protein or healthy oils but I was also concerned that if I said nothing, I would either not be able to eat or would have to break my already shaky no-meat resolve. A quick chat with our flamboyant friend solved everything. He asked the kitchen to make a few substitutes so there was food suitable for me too! Thank you ever so much mister! The meal was absolutely delicious, no one had a bad thing to say. In fact any word against the desserts-which included sweets made from coconut, banana, chocolate and strawberries- would have been blasphemous. ADC 4 ADC 6 As for the décor, the chairs are made from light varnished wood and the tables are covered with pristine white cloths. The white pillars lined with vintage books and retro television screens displaying countdowns, a wall of potted plants reminiscent of traditional Hispanic homes.Asia de Cuba is simple with a few quirky twists. ADC 1 Prices are quite steep here but you’re also paying for location and service on top of a more than adequate meal. In short, if you are feeling generous or like treating yourself, then Asia de Cuba is well worth the visit. Just make sure you’re hungry!!


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