.Ruzafa Adventure.

Hola Chicos!

I have been in Valencia and getting to know the Ruzafa area for about a month now! My new flat is perfect (more on that to come) and the district is like a little bit of Soho in Spain, what more could I ask for?

As I mentioned in my post on Dulce de Leche, I was moved by this urban hub (“urban agenda” for all your cultural needs and enquiries) of activity the very first moment I rounded the corner from Xátiva (link to EMT travel for Valencia!) station and found myself staring down a long row of independent café’s and stores in June of this year 2014.

Upon my arrival at the start of September, I was greeted by a most unbearable heat which only served to heighten my sense of extranjera since many of the locals had the good sense to confine themselves to their living rooms, behind impenetrable shutters where i’m sure the only things moving were the gauze blinds billowing in the Aire acondicionado on full blast. I can only speculate of course because I was forced out (on foot) into the blaze to search for a more permanent residence.

If it were possible, I would have stayed at the Russafa Youth Hostel for the whole 9 months I am here. I don’t have much experience of hostels but this experience was most definitely a pleasant one. The staff gave me maps, numbers and tips to help with my search and I’m sure it wasn’t because they wanted to get rid of me as fast as possible…at least I hope not…Breakfast was lovely though! Cereal, pastries, fruit, juice and of course meat, cheese and olives.

Naturally, in an attempt to cure the loneliness and homeless frustration building inside me, I made it my mission to visit all potential shelters from the sun and other elemental disasters (i.e. cafés and interesting looking shops) around the barrio I would soon call home. Much to my pleasure I happened across “A Guide To Ruzafa” in the first café I entered! I have been working my way through their suggestions (and a few of my own picks) since.


Now the nightmare of flat-hunting and timetable co-ordination is behind me, I finally have some free time (a lot of free-time) to sit down and share my findings. Being as hip and happening (cringey cringe sorry not sorry) as it is, I thought Ruzafa would be the place to be for students but amongst the ERASMUS community this once immigrant community is still relatively unknown and although I kind of like it this way, I also think a lot of the business round here are really worth the visit and deserve mucho love and recognition.

With that being said, come to Ruzafa so you can see, taste and try for yourself!


-Record Store-

-Dulce de Leche-


-El Mercat de Ruzafa-

Pl. Barón Cortes, S/N (46006)
Horario: de lunes a sábado de 7:30 a 15:00 y los viernes de 7:30 a 20:30.
Mon-Sat: 7:30 AM – 3PM
Friday: 7.30AM – 8:30PM


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