.Bluebell Coffee Co.

“La única cafetería en toda la ciudad que trabaja con Cafés de Especialidad.
Cafés Especiales, Catas de Café, Marzocco F80, Café Filtrado y muuucho más!!”




The first thing of note about Bluebell Coffee Co. “The only cafe in the whole city to work with speciality coffees” is of course the coffee. My first trip here was shared with two Venezuelans who are no strangers to decent coffee and they were ecstatic to find a place where they could enjoy a cafe con leche made with a home quality roast.


The second thing which makes Bluebell heaven on earth is the food. Naturally, I came here for brunch and brunch I did. It was of course, heavenly.


On my next sunday visit, I wasn’t feeling up to stuffing myself silly so I ordered this:

IMG_8171 -again, heavenly-

Food is also served throughout the week, not just on Sundays and yes, it’s heavenly. As are the fresh juices, smoothies, hot drinks and cocktails.


Like the brunches and the lunches, the sweets are also all homemade adapted versions of popular recipes like apple pie and carrot cake.

IMG_8138 IMG_8139IMG_8137-Carrot Cake With Lavander, The Third Wonder of Bluebell-


-The Guinness Cake, The Fourth Wonder, is a must must must. The icing is like clouds.- 

It’s probably a good idea to mention the creators and responsables of this heaven, The Sisters Valero. Does this make them goddesses? I guess so. Every time I visit Bluebell, it’s clear that word is spreading and the number of loyal customers like myself is growing and growing. But for as hectic as it gets, these two and their worldly helper Wojtek never lose their friendly smiles and the scrumminess of the food is equally unchanging. In fact, this should be the first wonder of Bluebell Coffee Co.


P.S. If quiche lorraine is on offer, you absolutely have to try it, you definitely should not pass on the quiche lorraine. I will be so disappointed. I’ve heard quiche isn’t for everyone LIES but even if you THINK quiche isn’t for you, this one will change your mind. I’m sure. It’s possibly the sixth wonder…I’ve lost count. As seems to be the trend with food I really enjoy, I can’t upload a picture because I didn’t have my phone with me and I couldn’t wait and once I started, I couldn’t stop.

-Permanent Summertime Atmosphere, The Seventh Wonder.-


-Brunch is usually between 6€ with juice and 8€ with a mimosa-

Treat yo self


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