.Senyoreta Magdalena.

I am in love with yet another café!


La Senyoreta Magdalena




I’d walked past this café a few times and kept meaning to go in. Last week, I even had a nice chat at the entrance with a woman handing out tasters which were definitely too good to be given away for free…but alas, my heart was set on pizza. So again, perhaps foolishly, I walked on by.

Today however, I finally went in. From the street the shop looks relatively petit, a cosy space with a few seats. But, like the Tardis, it’s actually much much bigger inside. The white walls lined with cute lamps extend into a large dining area which is lit with natural light from a large window in the daytime and by bulbs in bird cages during the evenings. There are plenty tables along the walls a larger wooden table dominates the centre of the space. Beyond this room is a hallway with automatic hanging lights (QUE GUAY) which leads to the restrooms.

IMG_8326 IMG_8327IMG_8329

As sultry sounds of chilled portuguese música and the smell of freshly baked bread fill the room, I sit and observe the other other customers over my cappuccino con leche sin lactosa from a little corner by the counter. It’s bliss. The kind gentleman who took and made my order didn’t even get short with me whilst I was being indecisive over milk varieties! Usually my weird and wonderful  requests are met with a judgemental glare and exasperated huff but not here. No, here I make a complicated order and it arrives at my table just as I asked and with a pretty corazoncito to boot <3<3


-Mi cuenca personal con Wifi and Plugs

Senyoreta Magdalena  deserves your love. Bosa Nova, Coffee and Cake. Perfect for any and every morning ever. Me. Encanta.

Horario Weekdays- 8.00h-21.00h Weekends- 8.30h-21.00h

Address Cádiz,23 46006 Valencia Phone 960051049 – 649967862


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