.The Sushi Room.

And for dinner…The Sushi Room Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 14.51.23103

-This place is so cool…and relatively cheap-in my most honest and humble opinion.-


-The logo is cool, the tables are cool, the staff are cool, the menu is cool.-

sushi menu

-The Entrantes are also cool but maybe a little steep…still a far cry from London pricing a la three gyozas for £7…-

Intimate dinners here offer the opportunity to take advantage of the extensive menu and order a selection of Hosomaki, Uromaki, Sashimi etc. but beware, this can start to get pricey, especially when splitting between two. If you’re feeling a little wary about splurging then it might be an idea to go for one of the very reasonable sharing platters. I would definitely recommend a platter if dining as a group of three or more. The sushi is all decent sized and well filled, even the smallest maki generously stuffed and garnished to make for delicious accompaniments to a bigger dish or a side of noodles/miso. 003

-The plates, the bowls, cutlery and the glasses, also cool

If you choose to brave dining alone- of which i’m a super fan, there are lonely sidebars where lonely peoples like myself can set up shop with a laptop (or something equally distracting) and pretend like they are in fact too busy and preoccupied with important matters to indulge in the luxury of companionship.

TPhoto_00056-A cool wine helps-

004-The cool atmosphere also helps-


-This cool view of Dulce de Leche (click picture for review) across the road is also rather comforting…man, I love that place.-

My only warning would be not to set your heart on eating here alone in the evenings, even if you are thinking of being clever and ordering para llevar to enjoy at home, even if all you want is a wakame salad, even if you beg and plead. You still risk being told the wait is an hour and a half. I’m telling you, this news hurts so much more when sushi and salad from The Sushi Room is all you have been thinking about since the moment your eyes opened at 3.30am (#TravelProblems) that morning. Have a back up plan to cushion the blow. 007



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