Boys Never Text You The Things You Want Them To

My soulmate.
This is my soulmate right here.
I had an inkling at the beginning but at reading ‘piss-poor communication’ it’s certain that this prophet, this divine teller of truths is my soulmate.

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Boys never text you the things you want them to. They really don’t. You can spend up to an hour crafting the most beautiful text message. A team of top-notch specialists can look it over and give you the “OK” before you send it off. You’ll think to yourself, “This is it. This is the text message that will turn him into the person I want him to be. This will be the text that will make him realize that I like him and that he likes me.”

The text you send is heartfelt without being overbearing, sweet without giving the recipient a toothache, thoughtful without being too “inside joke.” You look at the text and almost cry because it’s so exquisite. If you could just date this text message, you would. It’d be a hell of a lot easier, you know?

You send it. A giant…

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