Voici Milhojas, family run horno and café which operates out of Gandía close to Valencia. IMG_8303


Carrer de Cirilo Amorós, 14 46004 Valencia L’Eixample. +34963 287 388.

When I say I come here a lot, I genuinely mean I come here a lot. I think it has been nearly two weeks straight now. No regrets. When I’m here I feel like my café-hopping life has reached its end…maybe I’ve found the one?

Just look at it. IMG_825310805127_10154760150710459_1386198169_n 10805421_10154760150885459_1005939263_n Just look at this. 10752146_10154760151880459_602488947_n Just look at these. IMG_8248 IMG_8250

-Sweet, savoury, French, Spanish, Todo-

  It won’t even break the bank! I have never spent over 6.80€ being here and that was for the whole day with 2 cappuccinos con leche de soja, una tarta y un bocadillo de aubergine and red pepper. Since I’m such a regular, they have my order down. I’m that customer who walks in and their coffee is on the counter within seconds.

Spanish, French and English are all spoken here! It really is perfect.  I can practice my French and then when my brain just can’t handle my being too-international-for-my-own-good anymore, I can make the switch to English and relaaaaax.


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