.Clectic Open Kitchen.

Yummy yummy yummy yummy yummy. Yummy. Finally. Yummy.


My biggest complaint about being in Valencia was that it seemed to be lacking in places for a quick healthy lunch a la Detox Kitchen, Pret A Manger, M&S (</3) or even Sainsbury’s. Boxed salads of the legume or fruit varieties are just not a thing here and if you do happen across one, you can bet it’s not appetising or most definitely will not look it. Sure, the obvious solution would be to quit my complaining and take advantage of all the fresh produce in the markets and supermarkets by making meals at home.

The only issue is, I’m still not comfortable with doing shops substantial enough to make dinner, let a lone daytime meals or packed lunches. In fact, this often works out to be just as, if not more expensive. One evening a few weeks ago I was explaining this difficulty to a Spanish friend, I left her house feeling heavy with foodie concerns which I was fast growing sick and tired of: Why must I make my life so complicated and why must this city make it even more so? This thought repeated in my head as I made my way down the Gran Via towards my flat, whywhywhy…what? What is this?

IMG_8567IMG_8623 IMG_8624 IMG_8625IMG_8629-Hello There-

Clectic Open Kitchen– Gran Via Marqués del Turia, 63. Valencia. Spain. Everyday 9h-1h (AM that is).

I’ve since visited thrice in the last week and all occasions have been delightful. The first was for a quick tomato salad with a Japanese sesame dressing (above). The second was brunch (of course), I had a chicken, mozzarella tosta, drizzled with pesto. This was so good that I ordered it again on the third visit (today for lunch) with a small pumpkin and parmesan soup.

IMG_8670-Hot soup to warm my ailing body-

The soup isn’t the only thing that was hot! Not only is the heating on and blasting, the long row of cushioned seats are much appreciated bottom warmers. To top it all off, the prices are completely reasonable given it’s a newly opened cafe with a fair bit of competition by way of traditional Spanish lunch stops and a KFC. The Platos Completos alone are slightly up there at 8€-9€ but I’ve seen the dishes, they’re MASSIVE and a combination of choices on the tostas ( 2€-3,50€) entradas (3€-€3,50) and tapas menus (up to 9€) are definitely enough for lunch. Although, if you really are wanting more, this open kitchen offers a few soluciones (below) which include a lunchtime offer of tosta or entrée+main+drink+coffee!


Although not homemade, the cakes, croissants and muffins imported from the States are a delicious way to end your meal here.

IMG_8678-Cakes N Thangs-

-This looks promising too!-

…Eating out so often is still a big expense but if these places can get me through the day, there’s only dinnertime left to sort…


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