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Since moving to Valencia I’ve become prone to taking walks in my pyjamas on impulse, usually when taking out the rubbish. On one of these walks I turned a corner to find myself engulfed by a large, a really large crowd of people. It seemed there was a petit party afoot.

Okay, it wasn’t a party but it wasn’t far off one. Traders, catering companies and a jazz band had gathered to promote their wedding services, it was quite beautiful unlike my disheveld self. I quite pointlessly tried to escape the teaming hoard in a glass walled room.

Anyhow, there were more exhibitors inside this room which had vacated in the wake of the Jazz band starting a grand performance. Dresses, decorations and personalised gifts were all on display. Two stands in particular caught my eye, one a dress designer and the other bespoke jewellery. I decided to avoid the dresses given my derelict look and slid over to the table of necklaces and rings, hoping to go unnoticed.

My plan failed and woman with a big smile on her face approached me, she introduced the brand, explained what they are about- “Queríamos darle al mundo un lugar en el que cualquier persona pudiera encargar una joya hecha a medida. Una joya que sólo vive en la imaginación de quién la quiere.”*-and even helped me enter a prize draw to win a personalised bar necklace! Everything lying out on show and looping smoothly on laptop screens was all so beautifully presented with a care and attention to detail which all brides wish for. I almost didn’t want to leave my transparent shelter and kind non-judgemental protector.

As soon as I made it back to the safety of my flat, I took a look on the Singularu website and made a list there and then of pieces I wanted to order. There are necklaces which are perfect for layering and rings which could go with almost any outfit. Have a browse for yourself here: http://singularu.com

*We wanted to create a space in the world where anyone could order a bespoke item. An item which lives only in the imagination of who wants it .


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