.Christmas Time Dessert For Three.

When I say “dessert for three”, I’m talking quantities. Attendees would be two.

ADC 6-Dessert at Asia de Cuba

This post is about dessert dates and how they should a) be a bigger thing and b) just be a bigger thing. Pretty much everyone agrees, 3 out of 3 of my friends have expressed a preference of dessert dates over your conventional coffee or dinner. It’s a meal without the fuss and formality of a meal ya know? Dessert makes everyone happy and when people are happy, conversation just flows ya know? Unless my oreo cake is just that good. Then I couldn’t care less about your latest theory on fast cars and sick beats. You know what???…

 A solo date is another thing which should be bigger, so it follows that a solo dessert date with enough dessert for three should be the biggest thing of all. 

IMG_8072-Crème Brulée just is one big dessert-

21st December, National Dessert Date Day. Enjoy.


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