This memory came up today…


We wouldn’t even all be here as friends or people if it wasn’t for immigration and EU mobility…Britain has given up the latter for fear over the effects of the first which has constantly been cited as a good reason to leave the EU.

Fine, go solo Britain. I know that the EU has other imperfections that need to be dealt with and in some ways, maybe in an ideal world, it would be better out. Only don’t look to anyone else like they owe you something or have done you a disservice if it all goes wrong. Especially not immigrants.

It was on the backs of immigrants and colonies that this place even became ‘Great’. It was immigrants who came after ‘Great’ wars to rebuild a ‘Great’ capital and trade. Now, immigrants who are filling the gaps in public services which the ‘Great’ natives will not and often cannot handle, are just about keeping you afloat, let alone ‘Great’.

I’m not one for political rants but I’d like to know the backgrounds of everyone who voted and their reasons (on both sides). Some of the views which have come out over this referendum process have been so disappointing. On top of the fact that Britons seem to have forgotten all the times they have been bailed out by foreigners, many amongst us who are descended from those same saviours appear to have forgotten themselves and are ready to dismiss new arrivals.

It’s so easy for people to turn a blind-eye on the past when they feel secure. Your passport might say British and you might even feel it but what about your blood-line? Do you have any idea how todays anti-immigration sentiment would have affected your ancestors and still could affect you as we concede to xenophobia disguised as sovereignty? How would you want you and yours to be treated if you had to flee or just wanted a better life for yourselves?

Yes, there needs to be a plan to manage the flow of people coming into the country. I just hope that the measures are compassionate and that the people who get involved in making it all official are historically-informed.

Complacency is a dangerous thing.



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